The World of Ben

Benheart is an extraordinary story of creativity and the realization of a lifelong dream.

At the tender age of six, Ben along with his mother set out on a journey across the Mediterranean Sea to reach Italy.  Italy offered them hope for their futures and became the country that gave Ben another precious chance at life; one that completely transformed him when he was given a lifesaving heart transplant. When he was only 26 years old Ben collapsed to the ground after experiencing a heart attack during a football match.  Fortunately, he was saved by a defibrillator and transported to the nearby hospital where he spent seven long and intense months in a pharmacological coma waiting for a heart donor.

Finally a new heart arrived for Ben, and his recovery commenced.  As Ben will tell you with his new heart, he was able to live “the best life he could ever wish for.”  And so began the beginning of Benheart.

Benheart stores have all been designed personally by Ben, down to the last detail, conveying the very essence of the brand he built based on "Italian Craftsmanship”

An unmistakable characteristic of each of Ben’s stores is the table where the belts are custom made on the spot so that customers can see first-hand the techniques used and workmanship done. The company is constantly evolving, and Ben’s dream is to keep opening stores in every corner of the world.

Ben continues to realize his dream

and is even more determined than ever to give life to his brand “BENHEART.” The brand’s name comes from the union of his name with the word “heart.” For his logo he chose a key with a heart to represent the key that opened his heart in addition to the 12 Benheart stores around the world. To date these locations include Florence, Rome, Lucca, Milan, Verona, Tokyo, Strasbourg, Riyadh, Kuwait, and Los Angeles.

Ben decided to open single brand stores to maintain his unique identity.

All Benheart products are handmade in Italy using Italian raw materials and are constantly reviewed during the production process to ensure the quality of each product.
Only top quality and natural materials are used during the creation of the collection. The workmanship follows the traditional artisan processes, from the oldest and most historic tanneries, using techniques handed down for generations. All Benheart products are made in full compliance with the laws and workers’ rights, without employing child labor. They are also in consent with health and safety regulations as well as in conformity with environmental protection regulations and guidelines throughout all stages of production.

Lastly and most importantly, Benheart guarantees free lifetime assistance for all of their products. Questions or concerns about a Benheart purchase can be resolved at one of their stores or by contacting customer service. Benheart will make sure your purchase is in the original condition in which you bought it.

For us at Benheart, the customer is not just a customer, but also a friend.