It’s a symbol ¬†that tells a life story. A magic and extraordinary story about re- starts and creativity, dreams and integration.
It was born 10 years ago when Ben crumpled to the ground in a football field, struck by illness. Everything happens in few minutes, he survives for a miracle but only a new heart can save his life…
That heart will arrive on time and Ben understands that this grace, is much more than a simple second chance. It will be a rebirth and an amulet, but also a responsibility: the responsibility to realize his own dreams with a special will.
And here is the first desire:o style a collection dedicated to that moment of his life when everything changed and became possibile.
And this collection turns into something magic.
From that moment on the entire project will bear that name: BenHeart, the heart of Ben. Grown up in Florence, the city of Renaissance, he will have his own renaissance:enthusiasm, art, taste and style.